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JULY 23: LIVE or ZOOM • Dixon Myers: Housing Sewanee

JULY 30: LIVE or ZOOM • Scott Spence: DREMC—Sewanee Projects

Golf a No-Go

Due to the pandemic and our concern for the well-being of our friends and neighbors, we have decided to build up excitement about our annual golf tournament and drive a hole-in-one next summer, 2021. Stay tuned (and healthy)!

Monteagle-Sewanee Rotary Club's Hunger Walk

Do you know anything about the Monteagle Sewanee Rotary Club's upcoming Hunger Walk? The first person to email me ( with the correct answers to the following questions (ALL of them should be answered correctly) will receive a gift certificate to the Blue Chair. All instructions must be followed carefully to win. Hunger Walk organizers (you know who you are) may not participate. No phone calls please, and only emails to the address listed above will be accepted. Please include the following in the Subject line: Answers to SM Rotary Puzzle for week of 7-19. Deadline to win is Tuesday 7-21 at noon. All answers must be according to the Hunger Walk website. Hint: There is a link to the that website in this post. Winner will be announced on this site.

1.  What are the three main ways you can get involved?

2.  Complete this sentence:  More than 1 in ________ children in our area go to bed hungry.

3.  What links are on either side of the link to our Monteagle-Sewanee Rotary Club site?  

4.  How many meals does one donated dollar provide according to the site?

Good luck to the winner of this week's puzzle on our site!

A great presentation in person for some and on Zoom for other members on the Grundy Area Arts Council #servicebeyondself #artseducation

Click the link below for a video clip


Woody and Jessica
Battling technology
A delicious breakfast at the Inn
Eggs and bacon
Breakfast at the Inn
Breakfast and work at the Inn
Christy Teasley
Christy had a captive audience
Woody starting the meeting
Woody and his mask

Going Strong via Zoom and in Person

The Monteagle-Sewanee Rotary Club is going strong weekly with live meetings (at the Sewanee Inn) that are Zoom-broadcasted. Join us Thursdays at 8:00 a.m.

2nd Annual Chili Cook-off a Hot Success: $9,500 Raised!

Enrique Madico

Saturday, March 7th, the Monteagle-Sewanee Rotary Club hosted the 2nd annual Chili Cook-Off and what a great day it was! Once again, we welcomed a large and enthusiastic crowd. Students, community cooks and professional chefs entered 21 teams. Approximately 200 people came to sample chili and homemade cornbread and enjoy the fun!

The success of this fundraising event is shared by many. I’d like to thank all of you. From our sponsors to ticket buyers to the people and businesses who donated services and items for the event, I am in awe of your generosity. A special thank you to our judges – John McCardell, Karl Sjolund, Henry Lodge, Caroline Sweetin and Nellie Fagan for your tasting and professionalism in selecting the prize winning chilis! First place was award to Theta Kappa Phi Sorority; Second place award went to Good Night and Have a Pleasant Tomorrow; and Third place went to The Blue Chair/Tavern. People’s Choice Award was won overwhelmingly by Enrique Madico’s Latin American Chili.

Thank you to our generous sponsors: Habanero sponsors - University of the South Board of Regents, Lodge Manufacturing, and Richard Courtney of Fridrich & Clark. Cayenne sponsors - Woody’s Bicycles and John and Bonnie McCardell. Jalapeno sponsors – Goodson Wealth Management, Sewanee Summer Music Festival, Tower Bank, Jessica and Joey Favaloro, and Charlie and Melanie Kettle. Chili sponsors – Monteagle Wine & Spirits, Village Wine & Liquors, Sewanee Market, Anne Chenoweth/Village Realtors, The Frame Gallery, Sewanee Inn, Blue Oak Projects, LLC, Janet Cooper, Bob Askew Art, University Realty, Jay & Laurie Fisher, Rhea & Nancy Bowden, Greg Maloof, Jodi McCullah, John & Kathy Solomon, Rich Wyckoff, Studio Interiors, Inc., May Kamalick, John & Tan Hille, Amy Burns, Kathy Henslee, Dan & Carolyn Hatfield, Citizens Tri County Bank, Monteagle Inn & Retreat Center.

Many thanks to The Blue Chair and Tavern, Chef Rick at McClurg Dining Hall, and Mountain Goat Market for donating gifts in kind.

Heartfelt thanks to all the members of our Rotary Club and the University Rotaract Club for making this event successful. The energy that you brought to the fundraiser was appreciated. Everyone was dedicated to making this fundraiser a huge success.

Kathy Henslee
2020 Chili Cook-Off Chairman
Monteagle-Sewanee Rotary Club

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